Our firm serves as the civil City Attorney for Anoka, Andover, Centerville and Lexington. We currently prosecute for the Cities of Andover, Anoka, Annandale, Bethel, Buffalo, Centerville, Elk River, Ham Lake, Lexington, Nowthen, Oak Grove, Osseo and the Hennepin County section of Rockford. Given our extensive prosecution experience, our firm is uniquely situated to provide excellent city attorney and prosecution services for numerous cities and law enforcement agencies, as well as their residents.

General Civil Counsel
  • Advise City Council and Staff
  • Draft and enforce city ordinances
  • Handle real estate transactions
  • Attend regularly scheduled city council meetings, workshop sessions and staff development meetings
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  • Review police reports and cases and make charging decisions
  • Attend all court appearances for prosecution of all misdemeanor cases
  • Advise law enforcement through training seminars of statutory and procedural changes
  • Provide direct access for law enforcement for 24/7 immediate consultation
  • Utilization of digital and electronic court access, law enforcement communication and discovery exchange

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