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Kurt B. Glaser

Kurt serves as City Attorney and Prosecutor for the cities of Lexington and Centerville, and as the Prosecutor for Nowthen. He is General Counsel to the Centennial Lakes Police Department, Centennial Fire District, and Lexington Fire Relief Association. He is also the Hearing Officer for property compliance actions in the City of Anoka.

Kurt began his career as a prosecutor in Wayne County (Detroit), Michigan, where he prosecuted gang-related gun and drug offenses. Criminal law has been the focus of his career. He has been a small law firm partner in two firms since entering private practice in 1992. Since 1999 he has served as the prosecutor for the City of Lexington. He began prosecuting for the City of Centerville in 2006 and for the City of Nowthen in 2014. Kurt is hands-on, actively prosecuting cases at all levels.

Kurt has honed his skills by working “both sides of the fence” as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. As a defense attorney he has had many high-profile cases and primarily works in Federal Court. A feature of his professional history is his distinguished service to the U.S. District Court, which has reappointed him annually since 1998 to serve the Court in complex criminal litigation as part of Criminal Justice Act Panel.

His recent projects include leading the Anoka County Bench and Jail to create a ‘walk-in’ bail policy allowing low-level offenders to appear in court without posting bail. The impact of this policy made it faster and easier for these offenders to get back to court, dramatically reducing court and jail costs.

Kurt has appeared before the United States Court of Appeals, and the Minnesota Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. On March 11, 2020, he will have argued a precedential case before the Minnesota Supreme Court in support of aggravated DWI prosecution that will have statewide effect. He has written and implemented countless ordinances, including some used as model ordinances by the League of Minnesota Cities. He has worked on behalf of municipalities and police interests lobbying the Minnesota Legislature.

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