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Sarah M. Kimball

Sarah has been prosecuting for cities within Anoka County for over fifteen years. Her prosecution career began with a small Fridley law firm as an Assistant Prosecutor where she represented the cities of Fridley and Hilltop for over eleven years. During that time, Sarah prosecuted all gross misdemeanor, misdemeanor, and petty misdemeanor cases, from gross misdemeanor domestic assaults and DWIs to minor traffic offenses, trying almost a dozen cases to a jury, hundreds of cases to a judge, and arguing several cases before the Minnesota Court of Appeals. In addition to prosecuting for Fridley and Hilltop, Sarah also represented numerous clients in the areas of criminal defense, family law, probate, and personal injury.

In December 2018, Sarah joined Hawkins & Baumgartner, P.A. as an Associate Attorney and began prosecuting for the cities of Andover and Oak Grove in Anoka County, two cities the firm had represented for over a decade already, while also representing private clients in criminal defense, civil litigation and probate. Now, as a Partner with Berglund, Baumgartner, Kimball & Glaser, L.L.C. (“BBKG”), Sarah continues to prosecute for the Cities of Andover and Oak Grove but is also the primary prosecutor for the Cities of Buffalo and Annandale in Wright County. Sarah is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association (“MSBA”); is the MSBA representative for the Anoka County Bar Association; and a member of the Anoka County Prosecutor’s Association. She is admitted to practice before the State and Federal Courts in Minnesota.