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Scott C. Baumgartner

For over the past 25 years, Scott has effectively represented both private and public sector entities. Beginning in 2006, Scott’s practice has been devoted almost entirely to municipal law, including representing both charter and statutory cities in the areas of condemnation law, subdivision and land development, abatement, Torrens proceedings, special assessment appeals, ordinance drafting and enforcement, and other civil matters. He has worked before City Councils, Charter Commissions, and Housing and Redevelopment Authorities. Scott currently serves as the City Attorney for the Cities of Anoka and Andover (including Anoka’s Charter Commission and HRA); is the supervising prosecuting attorney for the cities of Andover, Oak Grove, Elk River, Buffalo and Annandale; and has served as the Administrative Hearing Officer for the Cities of Coon Rapids, Ramsey, and Fridley.

Scott’s criminal prosecution practice has encompassed all phases of the criminal process including charging decisions and complaint drafting, witness and officer interviews, handling contested motions, vehicle forfeiture proceedings, court trials, jury trials, and appeals. Scott has been involved in numerous court trials, jury trials, mediations, arbitrations, and arguments before the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court. As a prosecutor, Scott and his firm have been selected to serve on various committees and pilot projects, including the Anoka County Violence Against Women Task Force Steering Committee and the Domestic Abuse Case Expediting Subcommittee. These programs identify high risk domestic abuse victims, provide better services to these victims, resolve these cases more quickly, and achieve better overall results. As a result of these efforts, all Anoka County law enforcement and prosecutors now participate in both programs. Scott further assisted in expanding portions of these successful programs throughout Sherburne County, and continues to represent all municipal prosecutors in Anoka County on these committees.

In 2012, Scott helped develop a diversion program in Sherburne County for certain low-level offenses. This program aimed to reduce resources spent on these types of offenses, quickly compensate victims, and provide typical first-time offenders an opportunity to preserve a clean criminal record. This program is now implemented throughout Sherburne County.

Additionally, during the development of E-Charging, Scott’s office was selected for early implementation to test the new system. Through this process, his firm worked closely with the BCA to enhance the program, which is now mandated state-wide.

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